Image Management Coaching

PerceptionImage is the PERCEPTION people have of YOU.  Your Image is you in the minds of people. A mental picture that they form of you and their perception of you. In day to day practical life what people think of you is what matters and that is your Image.

Your Image is most important in situations – With people who don’t know you, When the opinion of others is important to the achievement of your goals, when you need an edge

Now – how does this image get created ? How have you created an impression on a person ? What have they seen in those few seconds to form a perception about you ?

Its as simple as A B C !  Perception stems from your own image of yourself. We answer the question “Who are you?” at an emotional level as -” I am an extrovert”, “I am shy”…These are LABELS. Knowing your labels and making a conscious decision to project the right ones is how you create the right and positive impressions.

With each of these we reveal ourselves to the world and our feelings to the world in a way that sometimes we are blind to. More often than not these labels are evident from what we say and are disclosed through the  A, B,C of Image – Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.

These elements are TOOLs to help you create a positive impression and to project your personality, values, attitudes and allows others to perceive the UNIQUE YOU.

Imagenation offers Image Management  coaching to the individual to take their image to the next level in order to achieve their goals. We evaluate your current image and goals through a scientific process and work on the internal/ external alignment to reflect the Unique You.

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