Luxury Sales

The market for luxury_2Luxury goods in India is still at a nascent stage of development. High net worth individuals such as businessmen, senior government officials, celebrities and top management in corporations are key potential customers for luxury goods. Global luxury brand operators target this group with focused advertising campaigns, special discounts and personalised shopping experiences to enhance sales. – Excerpt from report of Euromonitor international (world leader in strategy research for consumer markets)

Luxury brands are increasing their footprint in India through retailing and online. Selling a luxury brand is a completely different selling style than any other brand. Whether it’s  luxury handbags, shoes, watches or hotels, the target audience is a person who wants to differentiate themselves from others, are global citizens and expect a complete experience while buying a luxury product. The  Image of employees representing the brand are pivotal in closing a sale and ensuring repeat business.

Imagenation offers Luxury Sales workshops aimed to this luxury market which is growing exponentially in India. We customise our workshops so the sales person breathes the brand personality. These workshops are for companies and brands who want to train and groom their employees in the finer points of handling high networth individuals, negotiating and closing a sale, personalising the shopping experience and after sales service.

Your business is worth it. Invest in your employees today with out Luxury Sales workshop.

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