Image Management

For Corporate & Businesskey2successThe Image of your employees is an integral part of your company’s success. Your employees is crucial as they serve as brand ambassadors and represent your company to the customer. Their appearance and communication has a tremendous impact on sales, revenues and customer loyalty.

For Educational Institutions – we offer a series of interactive workshops “Campus to Career” – acing that job interview to projecting a confident image in the workplace to achieve professional goals. Regardless of whether you need help in ensuring your students project the right image of your institute during interviews, internships or trainings, or if you need your employees to represent your institute effectively, our goal is to show and coach our clients and empower them to present the most confident, authentic self possible.

Imagenation offers Image Management workshops on the Power of Positive Professional Image to set the standards of appropriate appearance and communication  for every occasion. We cover various aspects of Image Management including the “Professional Scale of Authority” so they are prepared for every occasion from the boardroom to a casual meeting so your business benefits !

Our workshops are fun and interactive and we use games, quizzes, role plays to make the learning an enriching experience.

Your business is worth it ! Take your image to the next level.

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