Anonymous_Questionmark_faceI keep getting asked for information from curious clients, interested people, so here’s a list …..

What DOES an image management specialist  do ?

Simply put, Image management specialists are professionals who help individuals and companies improve the way they are perceived by others. They assess the current status of the public’s perception of an individual, company or organisation. The major function of Image management specialists is to evaluate the positive and negative perceptions present and determine the best way to enhance the positive aspects of public image. Image management covers various aspects of appearance, behaviour and communication in order to improve and enhance the positive aspects of your personality.

So who needs image management  ?

Everyone ! College students looking to get their first job. Housewives who want to appear more assertive and confident. Corporate professionals looking to take the next step in their career. Companies wanting to enhance their company image through their sales teams or other representatives in the public eye. Corporations grooming the next generation of leaders and senior managers. There are a many talented people out there but some just do better than others because the perception of them is more positive than others so they tend to succeed faster.

What makes an image consultant different from a fashion stylist or a communications expert ?

Well, Image management addresses the overall perception of a person which includes communication, appearance and behaviour. How you look, act and behave determines how the world sees you. It takes a few seconds ( about 5 to 7) for a person to form an opinion about you. So you could be at a social gathering or even a representative of your company but  those critical  impressions determine your success.

So Image consultants will give me a make over, right ?

Not really.  We work on internal /external alignment so that you project the appropriate image for the occasion. So we don’t work only on how you appear visually or physically. We address the non verbal components as well so there is a more holistic approach and a long term impact.

I don’t really understand what image services are all about ….

Try our service “Image in a day” if you are pressed for time or want to experience image management. Do send us an email at imageneers@imagenation.in for details and a complimentary Image Evaluation Assessment.

We also keep having workshops on Image Management so you can email and register with us and we will let you know about the next workshop.

My company wants to hold a workshop on Image Management but we don’t know what its all about.

Drop us a line at imageneers@imagenation.in and if you have a group of upto 10 people, we can do a complimentary workshop for you introducing Image Management to your team. This workshop is 1 hour and 30 minutes and covers the various important elements of image in the workplace.

Do email us questions at imageneers@imagenation.in   


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