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Imagenation is dedicated to helping clients achieve their image goals by addressing the multi-faceted aspects of their image. Regardless of whether you need help in your business or social life as an individual, or if you need your employees to represent your company effectively, our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge to enhance their image.

Every client is unique, which is why we customise our plans. We understand our client’s need, goals, and concerns, and develop each plan around them. We coach our clients how to address their initial concerns while showing them how to achieve long term success. Whether you’re a college student looking to get ahead in today’s job market, or a company looking to hone your employees professional image to attract clients, Imagenation is committed to help you achieve your goals.

Group & Corporate Workshops , Personal Coaching in

Personal & Professional Image Management                      Business & Social Etiquette

Effective Communication & Body Language                        Luxury Sales

Effective Leadership             Customer Service                   Team Building

Our other services include Professional Presence Coaching and Styling Solutions for Individuals and Companies.

Visit our FAQ’s page to know more about Image Management and how Imagenation can help you or your business.

Imagenation was founded by Semira Khaleeli to provide companies and individuals with an understanding of how a well-developed image can create a successful and enduring impression. She spots what you are doing right and helps you do it better. She is committed to her client’s success.

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Semira ‘s career spans the hospitality industry with over 18 years of marketing and sales experience with India’s blue chip hotel brands to include at the Taj, the Oberoi, the Leela, The Park and Keys Hotels where she worked with Indian corporations and executives across the nation. She is a Certified Image Consultant from the Image Consulting Business Institute, a Licensed NLP Practitioner and DiSC certified trainer.

Top amongst her objectives is helping people gain the confidence to discover and follow their own style which  bridges their personality and body type to come together in a well-defined holistic composite.

She built a discerning eye for style and visual appeal in part through her professional career. “Over the years, I worked with so many talented, highly qualified people whose appearances – either from lack of knowledge or interest – wasn’t doing them any justice, in fact it was taking away from their overall perception professionally or socially. It also had an impact on the overall company image in the bargain”.

Semira’s formula for success is based on her core philosophy: everyone has a unique image, and everyone can make it better, she believes. “I see myself as a partner in helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals by changing the way the world perceives them.”

Contact Semira at semira@imagenation.in for information on Workshops and Coaching.

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